world Shoe overview

world businesses in Shoe

companycountryvaluerevenuesstock price
ASICS Corp (TSE:7936)Japan3379.662762.3017.09
ASICS Trading Co Ltd (TSE:9814)Japan96.80293.4023.65
Regal Corporation (JASDAQ:7938)Japan120.50383.803.29
Himiko Co Ltd (JASDAQ:9892)Japan26.9061.3010.41
Amagasa Co Ltd (JASDAQ:3070)Japan35.0467.407.49
Pou Chen Corporation (TSEC:9904)Taiwan5710.609496.701.49
Stella International Holdings Ltd (SEHK:1836)Hong Kong1926.871550.002.55
Daphne International Holdings Limited (SEHK:210)China1043.361358.500.45
ANTA Sports Products Limited (SEHK:2020)China2663.281222.901.24
Grendene S a (BOVESPA:GRND3)Brazil2348.80918.907.67
Vulcabras|azaleia S A (BOVESPA:VULC3)Brazil689.76724.000.28
Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co Ltd (SHSE:603001)China803.72554.302.45
Arezzo Industria e Comercio S A (BOVESPA:ARZZ3)Brazil1163.07420.0012.62
Peak Sport Products Co Ltd (SEHK:1968)China257.95465.700.24
C BANNER INTERNATIONAL Holdings Limited (SEHK:1028)Hong Kong616.53390.200.34
Forus S A (SNSE:FORUS)Chile1280.26356.505.06
Fuguiniao Co Ltd (SEHK:1819)China496.39310.001.13
Foshan Saturday Shoes Co Ltd (SZSE:002291)China387.30251.800.95
Symphony Holdings Limited (SEHK:1223)Hong Kong174.31253.900.06
Le Saunda Holdings Limited (SEHK:738)Hong Kong261.66227.300.48
Xingquan International Sports Holdings Limited (KLSE:XINQUAN)China-67.40266.000.29
Kingmaker Footwear Holdings Ltd (SEHK:1170)Hong Kong77.79233.100.20
Baofeng Modern International Holdings Company Limited (SEHK:1121)China-89.85216.800.07
Jinli Group Holdings Limited (TSEC:8429)Taiwan358.00155.603.63
Walker Group Holdings Limited (SEHK:1386)Hong Kong32.97177.200.04
Flyke International Holdings Ltd (SEHK:1998)China45.80175.300.06
Samyang Tongsang Co Ltd (KOSE:A002170)South Korea97.55152.7024.74
Brill Shoe Industries Ltd (TASE:BRIL)Israel55.50141.906.70
Apex Adelchi Footwear Limited (DSE:APEXADELFT)Bangladesh68.78122.305.33
Service Industries Ltd (KASE:SRVI)Pakistan83.58125.105.15
China Sports International Limited (SGX:FQ8)China-92.22122.000.02
Active Group Holdings Limited (SEHK:1096)China157.70109.000.10
Bata Pakistan Ltd (KASE:BATA)Pakistan214.35118.0026.43
Shui-Mu International Company Limited (GTSM:8443)Taiwan69.60123.401.32
Multi Sports Holdings Ltd (KLSE:MSPORTS)China-46.51123.400.06
Mirza International Limited (NSEI:MIRZAINT)India65.63118.500.48
XiDeLang Holdings Limited (KLSE:XDL)China132.17152.000.14
Maxwell International Holdings Berhad (KLSE:MAXWELL)Malaysia-65.20134.800.09
Bata Shoe Company Bangladesh Ltd (DSE:BATASHOE)Bangladesh141.3292.708.93
Pegasus International Holdings Ltd (SEHK:676)Hong Kong69.2996.400.14
Merchant House International Ltd (ASX:MHI)Hong Kong17.3184.200.19
PT Sepatu Bata tbk (JKSE:BATA)Indonesia121.0778.000.09
Liberty Shoes Ltd (BSE:526596)India42.7067.002.50
K-Star Sports Limited (KLSE:KSTAR)China-6.7679.800.03
Meike International Holdings Limited (SEHK:953)China56.9953.200.05
Ceylon Leather Products PLC (COSE:CLPL-N-0000)Sri Lanka25.8941.000.51
Pan Asia Footwear Public Company Limited (SET:PAF)Thailand13.4768.800.02
Qingmei Group Holdings Limited (SGX:KT9)China-59.5026.800.03
Relaxo Footwears Limited (BSE:530517)India256.94186.003.67
Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Limited (SEHK:551)Hong Kong6520.107280.603.34
Feng Tay Enterprises Co Ltd (TSEC:9910)Taiwan1391.301267.302.39
Bata India Ltd (BSE:500043)India1098.89335.8017.09
Taiya Shoes Co Ltd (SZSE:002517)China227.7554.401.30
China Great STAR International Limited (KOSDAQ:A900040)China35.80462.101.52
Fulgent Sun International (Holding) Co Ltd (TSEC:9802)Taiwan137.20202.401.14
East Asia Holdings Investment Limited (KOSDAQ:A900110)Hong Kong13.30162.901.26
Grimoldi S A (BASE:GRIM)Argentina57.09182.100.71
Artis Co Ltd (KOSE:A101140)South Korea14.879.560.99
Legacy Footwear Limited (DSE:LEGACYFOOT)Bangladesh5.220.000.56
Super Tannery Limited (BSE:523842)India2.6247.900.02
Primarindo Asia Infrastructure Tbk (JKSE:BIMA)Indonesia25.5725.300.06
Lawreshwar Polymers Ltd (BSE:532829)India4.7012.600.13
Sarup Industries Ltd (BSE:514412)India1.428.040.44
S R Industries Limited (BSE:513515)India0.617.600.04
Phoenix International Ltd (BSE:526481)India3.376.510.20
Worldwide Leather Exports Limited (BSE:526525)India0.361.840.12
Pretto Leather Industries Ltd (BSE:526691)India0.100.090.01
Mayur Leather Products Ltd (BSE:531680)India2.253.650.39
Lennards Nigeria Plc (NGSE:LENNARDS)Nigeria1.460.000.02
Standard Shoe Sole and Mould (India) Ltd (BSE:523351)India2.050.000.40
PUMA SE (DB:PUM)Germany4.004.00323.14
Tods SpA (BIT:TOD)Italy5.001.00167.69
Geox SpA (BIT:GEO)Italy1.001.003.65
CCC Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:CCC)Poland1.00425.0038.83
Wojas Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:WOJ)Poland40.2354.002.11
Protektor S A (WSE:PRT)Poland20.2032.100.93
Ultrasonic AG (DB:US5)Germany1.97196.5011.23
Gino Rossi SA (WSE:GRI)Poland55.1867.500.86
Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE)United States of America71251.0325313.0078.64
Wolverine World Wide Inc (NYSE:WWW)United States of America4648.791640.8033.96
Skechers USA Inc (NYSE:SKX)United States of America2090.861567.4033.13
Deckers Outdoor Corp (NasdaqGS:DECK)United States of America3248.741414.4084.46
Steven Madden Ltd (NasdaqGS:SHOO)United States of America2513.451227.1036.59
Crocs Inc (NasdaqGS:CROX)United States of America1414.611123.3015.92
Rocky Brands Inc (NasdaqGS:RCKY)United States of America148.40228.3014.57
R G Barry Corporation (NasdaqGS:DFZ)United States of America227.21147.0019.30
McRae Industries Inc (OTCPK:MCRA A)United States of America69.9597.1033.55
Phoenix Footwear Group Inc (OTCPK:PXFG)United States of America12.8616.700.55
The Fashion House Holdings Inc (OTCPK:FHHI Q)United States of America0.110.000.01
Market and Research Corp (OTCPK:MTRE)United States of America2.920.000.06
The Global Housing Group (OTCPK:GLHO)United States of America1.020.001.95
Auri Inc (OTCPK:AURI)United States of America0.650.580.00

other world industries

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