world Retail(Internet) overview

world businesses in Retail(Internet)

companycountryvaluerevenuesstock price
netprice com Ltd (TSE:3328)Japan87.71105.00930.96
Minerva Holdings Co Ltd (JASDAQ:3090)Japan9.9357.106.92
Rakuten Inc (JASDAQ:4755)Japan19780.795127.2014.89
Start Today Co Ltd (TSE:3092)Japan2695.52372.1024.85
Ikyu Corporation (TSE:2450)Japan359.3051.501419.28
Oisix Inc (TSE:3182)Japan223.59154.7041.88
Sanwa Company Ltd (TSE:3187)Japan119.6054.2049.50
Kenko com Inc (TSE:3325)Japan103.66190.1016.34
Vector Inc (JASDAQ:2656)Japan73.8026.306.37
Yume no Machi Souzou Iinkai Co Ltd (JASDAQ:2484)Japan76.1421.3016.18
Papyless Co Ltd (JASDAQ:3641)Japan50.3059.2030.37
Syuppin Co Ltd (TSE:3179)Japan69.35132.3010.03
Raccoon Co Ltd (TSE:3031)Japan25.42100.405.70
Golf Digest Online Inc (TSE:3319)Japan59.95149.001.96
Digital Adventure Inc (JASDAQ:4772)Japan12.9551.000.42
Dream Vision Co Ltd (TSE:3185)Japan19.8768.9014.48
Stream Co Ltd (TSE:3071)Japan28.14248.00442.63
B2W Companhia Digital (BOVESPA:BTOW3)Brazil2546.502349.306.48
YES24 Inc (KOSDAQ:A053280)South Korea65.64319.704.14
MakeMyTrip Limited (NasdaqGS:MMYT)India703.90228.8019.26
eDynamics Solutions Limited (BSE:535694)India20.180.680.93
Interpark Corp (KOSDAQ:A035080)South Korea652.80427.1010.10
Live Office OJSC (MICEX:ZHIV)Russia32.5025.802.71
Ceetop Inc (OTCPK:CTOP)China34.264.771.90
Platforma UTINET RU Open Joint Stock Company (MICEX:UTII)Russia26.900.001.22
Luve Sports Inc (OTCPK:LUVE)Mexico2.260.230.04
Pacific Vegas Global Strategies Inc (OTCPK:PVEG)Hong Kong1.600.000.01
T-Bay Holdings Inc (OTCPK:TBYH)China0.060.000.20
Emo Capital Corp (OTCBB:NUVI)China0.290.000.01
ASOS plc (AIM:ASC)United Kingdom8.001.00101.45
Ocado Group PLC (LSE:OCDO)United Kingdom4.001.007.32
CDON Group AB (OM:CDON)Sweden511.92685.204.92
YOOX S p A (BIT:YOOX)Italy2.00495.6045.03
zooplus AG (DB:ZO1)Germany446.86441.8070.96
LDLC com Societe Anonyme (ENXTPA:LDL)France163.54266.2029.33
Expansys Plc (AIM:XPS)United Kingdom6.64145.100.01
SmartGuy Group A S (CPSE:SMART)Denmark117.4777.000.42
Ecommerce Alliance AG (DB:ECF)Germany32.3837.6013.24
DNXcorp SA (ENXTPA:DNX)France51.3873.7023.89
Smartphoto Group NV (ENXTBR:SMAR)Belgium34.0672.500.76
Netmedia Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:NEM)Poland17.2640.701.24
Sportamore AB (publ) (OM:SPOR)Sweden45.0323.506.78
MaxiMiles Societe Anonyme (ENXTPA:ALMAX)France11.4322.905.51
Artnet AG (DB:ART)Germany24.8417.803.19
SFD Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:SFD)Poland14.748.960.34
Centro HL Distribuzione S p A (BIT:CHL)Italy18.2214.300.06
COLEOS Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:CLO)Poland38.201.871.03
Mavshack AB (publ) (OM:MAV)Sweden32.650.390.06
Buch de Internetstores AG (XTRA:BUE)Germany165.10129.0012.32
mediantis AG (DB:BDE2)Germany16.800.00417.34
getgoods de AG (DB:GGO)Germany73.85530.800.06
Motoricus Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:MTR)Poland0.9117.400.06
B2BPartner S A (WSE:B2B)Poland0.993.170.07
Triceps pl Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:TRC)Poland0.751.820.43
Inbook Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:INB)Poland0.901.490.16
Orzel Spolka Akcyjna (WSE:ORL)Poland5.4110.200.18
e-Kiosk S A (WSE:EKS)Poland0.812.320.05
Heracles SA (ENXTPA:HERNR)France3.4619.800.06
Online Brands Nordic AB (OM:OBAB)Sweden1.094.040.22
Zoogigant AG (WBAG:ZOO)Switzerland2.930.003.23
Coastal Contacts Inc (TSX:COA)Canada252.41196.008.25
Wotif com Holdings Limited (ASX:WTF)Australia407.25130.002.48
Trade ME Group Ltd (NZSE:TME)New Zealand1425.29126.303.34
Webjet Ltd (ASX:WEB)Australia166.5168.302.84
Fireswirl Technologies Inc (TSXV:FSW)Canada20.7627.600.29
Jumbo Interactive Limited (ASX:JIN)Australia64.8223.101.98
Onthehouse Holdings Limited (ASX:OTH)Australia44.4522.100.54
Quickflix Limited (ASX:QFX)Australia22.1617.600.01
Disruptive Investment Group Limited (ASX:DVI)Australia9.540.000.03
iBuy Group Limited (ASX:IBY)Australia95.8043.300.30
Global Stevia Corp (OTCPK:GSTV)Canada0.870.000.00
Amazon com Inc (NasdaqGS:AMZN)United States of America186078.7761093.00398.79
priceline com Incorporated (NasdaqGS:PCLN)United States of America61166.915261.001162.40
Expedia Inc (NasdaqGS:EXPE)United States of America9118.824030.3069.66
Netflix Inc (NasdaqGS:NFLX)United States of America21969.713609.30368.17
Groupon Inc (NasdaqGS:GRPN)United States of America6812.592334.5011.77
Overstock com Inc (NasdaqGM:OSTK)United States of America672.721099.3030.79
TripAdvisor Inc (NasdaqGS:TRIP)United States of America11885.79763.0082.83
Orbitz Worldwide Inc (NYSE:OWW)United States of America1092.09778.807.18
1-800-Flowers com Inc (NasdaqGS:FLWS)United States of America462.72735.505.41
Shutterfly Inc (NasdaqGS:SFLY)United States of America1885.33640.6050.93
FTD Companies Inc (NasdaqGS:FTD)United States of America799.90613.5032.58
zulily Inc (NasdaqGS:ZU)United States of America4967.99331.2041.43
Blue Nile Inc (NasdaqGS:NILE)United States of America561.86400.0047.09
Vitacost com Inc (NasdaqGS:VITC)United States of America180.60330.705.79
Nutrisystem Inc (NasdaqGS:NTRI)United States of America462.73396.9016.44
HomeAway Inc (NasdaqGS:AWAY)United States of America3561.89280.4040.88
CafePress Inc (NasdaqGS:PRSS)United States of America98.79217.806.33
PetMed Express Inc (NasdaqGS:PETS)United States of America285.78227.8016.63
RetailMeNot Inc (NasdaqGS:SALE)United States of America1436.07144.7028.79
Geeknet Inc (NasdaqGM:GKNT)United States of America79.98118.9018.09
HealthWarehouse com Inc (OTCPK:HEWA)United States of America10.2011.100.35
Hollywood Media Corp (NasdaqGM:HOLL)United States of America6.920.621.40
Liberty Ventures (NasdaqGS:LVNT A)United States of America6180.6036.00122.59
U S Auto Parts Network Inc (NasdaqGS:PRTS)United States of America103.24304.002.48
FragranceNet com Inc (OTCPK:FGNT)United States of America65.500.003.75
Frac Water Systems Inc (OTCPK:FWSI)United States of America29.230.000.68
Xumanii International Holdings Corp (OTCPK:XUII)United States of America9.760.000.03
Health Advance Inc (OTCBB:HADV)United States of America6.170.000.25
Americas Suppliers Inc (OTCPK:AASL)United States of America2.5217.000.20
EFT Holdings Inc (OTCPK:EFTB)United States of America-0.542.880.01
Pazoo Inc (OTCBB:PZOO)United States of America2.050.120.02
MOJO Data Solutions Inc (OTCPK:MJDS)United States of America2.860.000.23
RJD Green Inc (OTCBB:RJDG)United States of America2.850.000.01
Egghead com Inc (OTCPK:EGHD Q)United States of America0.000.000.00
Enable Holdings Inc (OTCPK:ENAB)United States of America0.040.000.00
Burned Media Ltd (OTCPK:BUNM)United States of America0.050.000.00
Concepts Direct Inc (OTCPK:CDIR)United States of America0.730.000.14
Emaji Inc (OTCPK:EMJI)United States of America0.040.000.01
Budget Center Inc (OTCPK:BDGN)United States of America0.400.000.02
IntelaKare Marketing Inc (OTCPK:IKMA)United States of America0.040.000.01
Eastern Asteria Inc (OTCPK:EATR)United States of America0.472.570.00
RedEnvelope Inc (OTCPK:REDE Q)United States of America0.010.000.00
Xynergy Holdings Inc (OTCPK:XYNH)United States of America0.260.000.00
Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp (OTCBB:IMTC)United States of America3.030.000.04
Frozen Food Gift Group Inc (OTCPK:FROZ)United States of America0.400.000.00
HotCloud Mobile Inc (OTCPK:HOTM)United States of America1.800.000.00
Luxeyard Inc (OTCPK:LUXR)United States of America2.010.000.01

other world industries

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