world Real Estate Investment Trust overview

world businesses in Real Estate Investment Trust

companycountryvaluerevenuesstock price
Immolease Trust (ENXTBR:DIEG)Belgium14.300.00140.48
Granite Real Estate Investment Trust (TSX:GRT UN)Canada1987.74181.7036.39
National Storage REIT (ASX:NSR)Australia225.600.000.92
Annaly Capital Management Inc (NYSE:NLY)United States of America83326.312172.109.97
American Capital Agency Corp (NasdaqGS:AGNC)United States of America91309.401440.0019.29
Two Harbors Investment Corp (NYSE:TWO)United States of America15538.83325.609.28
ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc (NYSE:ARR)United States of America16001.10246.704.01
PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (NYSE:PMT)United States of America4153.30303.5022.96
Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc (NYSE:IVR)United States of America19812.20383.7014.68
MFA Financial Inc (NYSE:MFA)United States of America11502.89347.907.06
Newcastle Investment Corp (NYSE:NCT)United States of America3941.10481.905.74
Hatteras Financial Corp (NYSE:HTS)United States of America20074.60309.2016.34
Redwood Trust Inc (NYSE:RWT)United States of America4803.61143.4019.37
Cyrusone Inc (NasdaqGS:CONE)United States of America883.83220.8022.33
New Residential Investment Corp (NYSE:NRZ)United States of America2987.0042.106.68
CYS Investments Inc (NYSE:CYS)United States of America13011.15249.207.41
Colony Financial Inc (NYSE:CLNY)United States of America1860.0098.9020.29
Capstead Mortgage Corp (NYSE:CMO)United States of America13656.68178.6012.08
Resource Capital Corp (NYSE:RSO)United States of America2047.60114.705.93
Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation (NYSE:ANH)United States of America8277.80115.604.21
Dynex Capital Inc (NYSE:DX)United States of America4112.9486.808.00
Arbor Realty Trust Inc (NYSE:ABR)United States of America1673.0047.606.66
iStar Financial Inc (NYSE:STAR)United States of America4771.43-36.4014.27
New York Mortgage Trust Inc (NasdaqGS:NYMT)United States of America8162.7540.506.99
Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc (NYSE:ARI)United States of America739.7048.1016.25
BRT Realty Trust (NYSE:BRT)United States of America391.3229.307.07
Ares Commercial Real Estate Corporation (NYSE:ACRE)United States of America738.106.6213.10
Owens Realty Mortgage Inc (AMEX:ORM)United States of America122.0015.6012.12
Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corporation (NYSE:WMC)United States of America3701.9095.4014.88
American Capital Mortgage Investment Corp (NasdaqGS:MTGE)United States of America10067.40266.0017.46
ZAIS Financial Corp (NYSE:ZFC)United States of America481.4022.6016.03
Origen Financial Inc (OTCPK:ORGN)United States of America498.709.981.25
United Mortgage Trust (OTCPK:UDMG)United States of America24.923.782.01
Five Oaks Investment Corp (NYSE:OAKS)United States of America442.308.6510.42
Orchid Island Capital Inc (AMEX:ORC)United States of America337.201.3113.00
Apollo Residential Mortgage Inc (NYSE:AMTG)United States of America3265.20187.3014.78
AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc (NYSE:MITT)United States of America3427.30148.9015.64
Starwood Property Trust Inc (NYSE:STWD)United States of America7392.80258.8027.70
Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc (NYSE:BXMT)United States of America1510.2032.9027.13
PMC Commercial Trust (AMEX:PCC)United States of America183.4311.608.60
Chimera Investment Corporation (NYSE:CIM)United States of America3185.600.003.10
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc (NYSE:HASI)United States of America469.7717.0013.96
Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT (NYSE:EARN)United States of America1396.300.9515.38
Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corporation (NYSE:CHMI)United States of America133.530.0017.80
CV Holdings Inc (OTCPK:CVHL)United States of America7.962.410.25
ECC Capital Corp (OTCPK:ECRO)United States of America5.580.000.06
Eastern Light Capital Incorporated (OTCPK:ELCI)United States of America0.090.000.15
American Home Mortgage Investment Corp (OTCPK:AHMI Q)United States of America0.190.000.00
JER Investors Trust Inc (OTCPK:JERT)United States of America0.350.000.06

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