world Financial Services(Non-bank and Insurance) overview

world businesses in Financial Services(Non-bank and Insurance)

companycountryvaluerevenuesstock price
ORIX Corporation (TSE:8591)Japan57667.5411313.1017.58
Fubon Financial Holding Co Ltd (TSEC:2881)Taiwan19503.1018219.501.46
FirstRand Limited (JSE:FSR)South Africa34760.455209.403.42
AMMB Holdings Berhad (KLSE:AMBANK)Malaysia6203.261356.102.21
BICECORP S A (SNSE:BICECORP)Chile2607.601302.0016.30
Reliance Capital Limited (BSE:500111)India4073.941315.005.85
PSG Group Ltd (JSE:PSG)South Africa1613.30467.508.17
African Bank Investments Limited (JSE:ABL)South Africa6037.50690.901.15
SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited (BSE:523756)India2892.40568.100.38
Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC (NGSE:STANBIC)Nigeria1209.20388.200.13
Grupo Security S A (SNSE:SECURITY)Chile3383.20422.200.34
BTA Bank JSC (KAS:BTAS)Kazakhstan5385.00-112.000.00
Scotia Group Jamaica Limited (JMSE:SGJ)Jamaica626.80327.700.19
Liu Chong Hing Investment Ltd (SEHK:194)Hong Kong-68.27199.601.91
L and T Finance Holdings Limited (BSE:533519)India7037.29306.201.21
Transaction Capital Limited (JSE:TCP)South Africa1331.70259.400.75
Public Financial Holdings Limited (SEHK:626)Hong Kong373.95147.100.52
Burford Capital Ltd (AIM:BUR)Channel Islands386.1053.602.02
Softlogic Capital PLC (COSE:SCAP-N-0000)Sri Lanka78.9030.900.03
Lippo Limited (SEHK:226)Hong Kong335.0036.800.55
A K Capital Services Limited (BSE:530499)India14.3035.702.12
Commercial Leasing and Finance PLC (COSE:CLC-N-0000)Sri Lanka298.7526.900.03
Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka PLC (COSE:MBSL-N-0000)Sri Lanka78.1813.700.10
The Finance Company PLC (COSE:TFC-N-0000)Sri Lanka11.69-3.130.08
Cadiz Holdings Ltd (JSE:CDZ)South Africa13.1020.500.12
The Mauritius Development Investment Trust Company Limited (MUSE:MDIT)Mauritius82.9912.200.20
Golden Goenka Fincorp Limited (BSE:530579)India12.3014.200.18
Hongkong Chinese Limited (SEHK:655)Hong Kong429.0013.500.24
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd (BSE:511766)India86.7913.201.39
Kirloskar Industries Ltd (BSE:500243)India28.505.464.24
Mayberry Investments Limited (JMSE:MIL)Jamaica590.5411.300.02
IndiaNivesh Ltd (BSE:501700)India25.407.810.67
First Credit Finance Group Limited (SEHK:8215)Hong Kong31.506.790.02
FAS Finance and Investment Limited (DSE:FASFIN)Bangladesh36.130.830.19
Kadvani Securities Limited (BSE:530479)India11.891.221.08
Priti Mercantile Company Limited (BSE:534060)India193.881.156.87
Banas Finance Ltd (BSE:509053)India76.900.600.67
Global Infratech and Finance Limited (BSE:531463)India356.342.771.49
Heritage International Holdings Limited (SEHK:412)Hong Kong230.17-0.990.06
Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (BSE:500247)India13600.031794.4011.79
Intercorp Financial Services Inc (BVL:IFS)Peru2621.001183.8031.00
Grupo Financiero Multiva S A B de C V (BMV:GFMULTI O)Mexico1323.10277.700.64
Value Grupo Financiero SAB de CV (BMV:VALUEGF O)Mexico1542.49240.408.98
Corporativo GBM SAB de CV (BMV:GBM O)Mexico2088.1098.500.80
INVEX Controladora S A B de C V (BMV:INVEX A)Mexico3101.70117.303.45
Malacca Trust Ltd (Catalist:5TH)Indonesia115.2825.400.23
Future Arab Investment Company (ASE:FUTR)Jordan14.3617.600.64
Nation Lanka Finance PLC (COSE:CSF-N-0000)Sri Lanka19.657.510.06
Comfort Intech Ltd (BSE:531216)India5.432.830.02
RMB Holdings Ltd (JSE:RMH)South Africa6628.772.324.61
Unno Industries Ltd (BSE:519273)India253.501.010.59
AVIC Investment Holdings Co Ltd (SHSE:600705)China6230.90634.902.80
Sociedades Bolivar S A (BVC:SOCBOLIVAR)Colombia1773.606077.5022.49
State Bank of Mauritius Limited (MUSE:SBM)Mauritius973.90176.700.03
Meritz Financial Group Inc (KOSE:A138040)South Korea13269.104896.006.44
CIM Financial Services Ltd (MUSE:CIM)Mauritius181.900.000.27
First China Financial Network Holdings Limited (SEHK:8123)Hong Kong151.461.210.03
George Steuart Finance PLC (COSE:GSF-N-0000)Sri Lanka85.200.003.79
Eurohold Bulgaria AD (BUL:4EH)Bulgaria154.300.000.62
UBA Capital Plc (NGSE:UBCAP)Nigeria-
Blue Circle Services Ltd (BSE:508939)India26.666.900.13
Beltone Financial Holding SAE (CASE:BTFH)Egypt8.7810.102.37
First Capital Securities Corporation Limited (KASE:FCSC)Pakistan37.566.260.03
Nika d d (LJSE:NIKN)Slovenia8.780.2439.48
Bala Techno Global Ltd (BSE:511395)India0.1313.700.05
Oasis Securities Ltd (BSE:512489)India4.441.672.40
Swastika Investmart Limited (BSE:530585)India1.853.210.62
Vax Housing Finance Corporation Ltd (BSE:531650)India1.662.710.14
Upsurge Investment and Finance Limited (BSE:531390)India2.483.670.25
Mukesh Babu Financial Services Limited (BSE:530341)India2.581.890.37
UDL Modaraba Management (Pvt) Ltd (KASE:FUDLM)Pakistan3.051.640.15
Bampsl Securities Ltd (BSE:531591)India3.201.480.01
Trust Modaraba (KASE:TRSM)Pakistan1.000.970.03
Ajcon Global Services Ltd (BSE:511692)India1.471.180.24
Next Capital Limited (KASE:NEXT)Pakistan-0.460.460.05
Haryana Capfin Limited (BSE:532855)India1.160.360.22
BCB Finance LImited (BSE:534109)India2.960.460.41
Apple Finance Ltd (BSE:500014)India0.900.280.02
Libord Finance Ltd (BSE:511593)India0.810.220.11
IBL Modaraba First (KASE:FIBLM)Pakistan0.420.130.02
Apollo Finvest (India) Limited (BSE:512437)India0.300.210.08
Sangam Advisors Limited (BSE:534618)India2.150.090.36
JJ Finance Corporation Ltd (BSE:523062)India0.970.080.35
Arihants Securities Limited (BSE:531017)India0.730.020.15
Minolta Finance Limited (BSE:532164)India0.530.020.05
PAN India Corporation Ltd (BSE:511525)India0.360.070.00
Vijay Growth Financial Services Limited (BSE:511539)India0.070.020.02
Central Investments and Finance Plc (COSE:CIFL-N-0000)Sri Lanka2.270.070.01
Inter Globe Finance Ltd (BSE:511391)India0.941.480.14
China YiBai United Guarantee International Holding Inc (OTCPK:CBGH)China0.450.000.00
Pal Credit and Capital Ltd (BSE:511306)India0.870.000.03
Suryanagri Finlease Ltd (BSE:530867)India2.440.000.73
Pasupati Fincap Ltd (BSE:511734)India0.620.000.12
FE (India) Limited (BSE:530863)India12.80172.400.17
Suchak Trading Limited (BSE:512075)India0.930.000.08
Saumya Capital Limited (BSE:531160)India0.380.000.06
Vietnam Investment Securities Company (HASTC:IVS)Vietnam4.390.000.27
Finalysis Credit and Guarantee Co Ltd (BSE:531820)India0.220.040.04
Wustenrot and Wurttembergische AG (XTRA:WUW)Germany12.0012.0023.92
Pohjola Bank plc (HLSE:POH1S)Finland40.001.0020.19
Hypoport AG (DB:HYQ)Germany111.42115.7013.29
IFG Group plc (ISE:IJG)Ireland232.19123.802.42
KBC Ancora SCA (ENXTBR:KBCA)Belgium3.00106.9036.18
The Law Debenture Corporation plc (LSE:LWDB)United Kingdom1.00168.408.76
Banca Finnat Euramerica S p A (BIT:BFE)Italy343.3652.200.44
Mittel S p A (BIT:MIT)Italy524.0041.102.40
SpareBank 1 Notteroy - Tonsberg (OB:NTSG)Norway317.6628.6013.01
Invista SA (WSE:INV)Poland13.220.090.13
Agrarius AG (DB:AU2)Germany12.223.091.25
Euroland Corporate (ENXTPA:MLERO)France0.570.000.18
Basic Resources AG (DB:W8Z)Germany1.860.000.48
MonFinancier SAS (ENXTPA:MLMON)France3.270.000.28
Yellow Brick Road Holdings Limited (ASX:YBR)Australia83.4722.900.48
Dorchester Pacific Limited (NZSE:DPC)New Zealand100.4411.800.18
Western Pacific Trust Co (TSXV:WP)Canada2.930.270.11
Tracker Corp of America Inc The (OTCPK:TRKR)Canada0.190.000.00
JPMorgan Chase and Co (NYSE:JPM)United States of America878396.1391658.0058.48
Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC)United States of America625571.8875165.0015.57
Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C)United States of America680545.6459325.0052.11
ING U S Inc (NYSE:VOYA)United States of America15989.979615.3035.15
Bexil Corp (OTCPK:BXLC)United States of America53.205.6932.03
Enterprise National Bank N J (OTCPK:ENBN)United States of America8.905.225.20
Capmark Financial Group Inc (OTCPK:CPMK)United States of America476.50245.004.00
Readen Holding Corp (OTCPK:RHCO)United States of America9.360.000.06
NetMed Inc (OTCPK:NTME)United States of America0.000.000.00
Allied Products Corp (OTCPK:ADPC)United States of America0.020.000.00
Detwiler Fenton Group Inc (OTCPK:DMCD)United States of America0.210.000.07
China Food and Beverage Company (OTCPK:CHIF)United States of America0.470.000.05
Baron Capital Enterprise Inc (OTCPK:BCAP)United States of America0.710.000.00
Upward Technology Corp (OTCPK:UPRD)United States of America0.020.000.00
Ultra Pure Water Technologies Inc (OTCPK:UPWT)United States of America0.230.000.01
PLM Equipment Growth Fund III (OTCPK:GFWQ Z)United States of America0.590.000.06
JZZ Technologies Inc (OTCPK:JZZI)United States of America4.310.180.14

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