Silicon Power Computer and Communications Inc (GTSM:4973) overview

Computers and Peripherals/

Financial Parameter NameValue
company nameSilicon Power Computer and Communications Inc (GTSM:4973)
exchange tickerGTSM:4973
industry groupComputers and Peripherals
broad groupEmerging Markets
sub groupSmall Asia
bottom up beta for sector1.1128
bottom up levered beta1.2723
erp for country5.90
cost of equity usd10.55
total default spread for cost of debt0.00
pre tax cost of debt usd0.00
after tax cost of debt usd0.00
cost of capital usd0.00
roe cost of equity6.34
roic cost of capital0.00
market cap usd77.40
pv of lease debt0.00
total debt13.10
total debt incl leases usd13.10
firm value usd90.50
enterprise value usd80.10
cash firm value11.49
liquidity ratio0.01
book debt to capital ratio22.02
market debt to capital ratio14.48
book debt to equity ratio28.23
market debt to equity ratio16.93
stock price on dec 31 2012 usd1.29
correlation with market20.98
standard deviation in stock price67.34
hilo risk measure0.24
interest coverage ratio56.93
current pe8.47
trailing pe9.96
forward pe0.00
ev ebit9.20
ev ebitda6.57
ev invested capital1.63
ev sales0.34
payout ratio91.76
dividend yield9.21
historical growth in net income 3 yrs0.00
historical growth in net income 5 yrs0.00
historical growth in revenues 3 yrs0.00
historical growth in revenues 5 yrs0.00
expected growth rate in eps 5 yrs0.00
expected growth in revenues 2 yrs0.00
return on equity16.89
return on capital roc or roic23.12
net profit margin3.15
pre tax operating margin3.53
effective tax rate15.28
percent held by institutions0.81
net income9.14
trailing net income7.77
operating income8.71
trailing operating income adj for leases8.71
trailing revenues246.40
trailing ebitda9.72
ebit 1 t7.38
net debt issued debt issue repaid-8.50
change in non cash working capital14.48
net cap ex3.52
reinvestment rate243.94
fcfe without debt-10.23
book value of equity 4 qtrs ago46.00
invested capital 4 qtrs ago37.68
current book value of equity46.40
current invested capital49.10
modified 2 yr beta0.57
modified 5 yr beta0.34
beta adjustment factor0.45
coeff of variation op income0.00
coeff of variation net income0.00
average 10 yr ebit0.00
average 10 yr net income0.00
dividends and buybacks-7.13
country marginal tax rate17.00

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