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Luxembourg cities and regions world flags, Luxembourg flag

cities and regions of Luxembourg

geonamecountrycity namecountry iso codesubdivision name
2960314luxembourgnullLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960457luxembourgHesperangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960800luxembourgBelvauxLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960634luxembourgDudelangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960058luxembourgSteinselLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960102luxembourgSchifflangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960054luxembourgStrassenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960777luxembourgBettembourgLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960187luxembourgPetangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960795luxembourgBereldangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960720luxembourgBridelLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960472luxembourgHeisdorf-sur-AlzetteLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960782luxembourgBertrangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960335luxembourgLeudelangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960589luxembourgEttelbruckLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960673luxembourgConternLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960316luxembourgLuxembourgLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960584luxembourgFentangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960630luxembourgEchternachLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960067luxembourgSoleuvreLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960258luxembourgMondercangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960420luxembourgHuncherangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960277luxembourgMerlLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960104luxembourgSchierenLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960815luxembourgBascharageLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960596luxembourgEsch-sur-AlzetteLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960389luxembourgKehlenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2959977luxembourgWiltzLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960358luxembourgLamadelaineLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960791luxembourgBergemLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960805luxembourgBeggenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960510luxembourgGrosbousLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960207luxembourgObercornLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960454luxembourgHivangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960007luxembourgWasserbilligLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960027luxembourgTuntangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960280luxembourgMensdorfLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960754luxembourgBlaschetteLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960651luxembourgDifferdangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960084luxembourgSchrassigLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960228luxembourgNiedercornLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960391luxembourgKaylLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960085luxembourgSchouweilerLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960704luxembourgBurmerangeLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960133luxembourgRollingenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960370luxembourgKockelscheuerLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960326luxembourgLivangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960276luxembourgMerschLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960123luxembourgRumelangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960823luxembourgAspeltLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960047luxembourgSyrenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960515luxembourgGrevenmacherLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2959980luxembourgWickrangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960517luxembourgGrevenknappLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960822luxembourgAsselLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960809luxembourgBeaufortLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960684luxembourgClervauxLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960299luxembourgMamerLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960532luxembourgGonderangeLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960687luxembourgClemencyLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960117luxembourgSandweilerLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960042luxembourgTetangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960468luxembourgHelmsangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960252luxembourgMoutfortLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960197luxembourgOlmLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960735luxembourgBourglinsterLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960400luxembourgJunglinsterLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960556luxembourgFrisangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960120luxembourgSaeulLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960806luxembourgBeckerichLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960154luxembourgRemichLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960107luxembourgSchengenLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960022luxembourgUseldangeLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960613luxembourgElvange-les-BurmerangeLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960648luxembourgDippachLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960739luxembourgBornLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960456luxembourgHinkelLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960530luxembourgGostingenLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960211luxembourgOberdonvenLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960453luxembourgHobscheidLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960010luxembourgWalferdangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960250luxembourgMullendorfLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960329luxembourgLingerLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960136luxembourgRoedtLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960328luxembourgLintgenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960697luxembourgCapellenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960174luxembourgPontpierreLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960270luxembourgMertzigLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960214luxembourgNospeltLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960350luxembourgLarochetteLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960026luxembourgUebersyrenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960378luxembourgKleinbettingenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960832luxembourgAlzingenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960088luxembourgSchoosLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960548luxembourgGasperichLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960741luxembourgBonnevoieLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960082luxembourgSchuttrangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960322luxembourgLorentzweilerLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960698luxembourgCapLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960135luxembourgRoeserLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960115luxembourgSanemLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960699luxembourgCanachLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960387luxembourgKeispeltLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960774luxembourgBetzdorfLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960437luxembourgHolzemLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960491luxembourgHarlangeLUDistrict de Diekirch
2960190luxembourgPeppangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2959959luxembourgWormeldangeLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960089luxembourgSchoenfelsLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960410luxembourgItzigLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960571luxembourgFischbachLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960665luxembourgDalheimLUDistrict de Grevenmacher
2960627luxembourgEhlerangeLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960072luxembourgSenningenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960605luxembourgErnzenLUDistrict de Luxembourg
2960246luxembourgMunsbachLUDistrict de Luxembourg

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