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Israel cities and regions world flags, Israel flag

cities and regions of Israel

geonamecountrycity namecountry iso codesubdivision name
293397israelTel AvivILTel Aviv
281184israelJerusalemILJerusalem District
293788israelRamat GanILTel Aviv
294801israelHaifaILHaifa District
293962israelOr YehudaILTel Aviv
294778israelHerzliyaILTel Aviv
293703israelRishon LeZionILCentral District
293918israelPetah TiqwaILCentral District
293633israelSavyonILCentral District
294760israelHod HaSharonILCentral District
6693679israelModiinILCentral District
294751israelHolonILTel Aviv
295548israelBat YamILTel Aviv
293725israelRehovotILCentral District
295629israelAshdodILSouthern District
294098israelNazarethILNorthern District
293783israelRamat HaSharonILTel Aviv
293308israelTirat KarmelILHaifa District
294117israelNahariyaILNorthern District
294071israelNetanyaILCentral District
295620israelAshqelonILSouthern District
295432israelBet ShemeshILJerusalem District
295530israelBeershebaILSouthern District
294303israelMazkeret BatyaILCentral District
8072917israelEzerILSouthern District
295277israelEilatILSouthern District
293768israelRamlaILCentral District
294421israelLodILCentral District
294946israelHaderaILHaifa District
294514israelKfar SabaILCentral District
293822israelQiryat YamILHaifa District
293969israelOr AqivaILHaifa District
293845israelQiryat AtaILHaifa District
294577israelKarmielILNorthern District
294492israelKefar YonaILCentral District
293396israelnullILTel Aviv
293844israelQiryat BialikILHaifa District
295410israelBinyaminaILHaifa District
293831israelQiryat MotzkinILHaifa District
293322israelTiberiasILNorthern District
294097israelNazerat IllitILNorthern District
294423israelLimanILNorthern District
295514israelBnei BrakILTel Aviv
293793israelRamaILNorthern District
294781israelHerutILCentral District
295130israelEt TaiyibaILCentral District
390289israelMazorILCentral District
295080israelGan YavneILCentral District
294074israelNess ZionaILCentral District
293842israelQiryat GatILSouthern District
293207israelYehudILCentral District
293522israelShelomiILNorthern District
293807israelRaananaILCentral District
294754israelHoglaILCentral District
295568israelBaraqILNorthern District
295122israelEven YehudaILCentral District
294078israelNesherILHaifa District
8141252israelBat HeferILCentral District
293354israelTel MondILCentral District
295457israelBet HerutILCentral District
293942israelPardesiyyaILCentral District
293009israelBeer ToviyyaILSouthern District
294112israelNahsholimILHaifa District
293537israelSheferILNorthern District
293100israelSafedILNorthern District
295064israelGederaILCentral District
295328israelDimonaILSouthern District
295207israelEn HaSheloshaILSouthern District
293436israelTalme MenasheILCentral District
295177israelErezILSouthern District
8309962israelZoranILCentral District
293616israelSde WarburgILCentral District
294526israelKefar MenahemILSouthern District
293608israelSedot YamILHaifa District
8071778israelBat HadarILSouthern District
295507israelBen Shemen-Kefar Hano arILCentral District
293690israelRosh HaAyinILCentral District
294942israelHadidILCentral District
295093israelGan HaDaromILCentral District
294003israelNordiyyaILCentral District
294553israelKefar DaniyyelILCentral District
295370israelDabburiyaILNorthern District
293222israelYavneILCentral District
295584israelAzorILTel Aviv
293977israelQiryat OnoILTel Aviv
295071israelGat RimmonILCentral District
294928israelHagorILCentral District
293253israelJaffaILTel Aviv
386295israelMoranILNorthern District
6693244israelLehavimILSouthern District
293711israelRevivimILSouthern District
294878israelHaOgenILCentral District
294389israelMagenILSouthern District
294044israelNewe YaminILCentral District
295713israelAlmaILNorthern District
293857israelQevuzat YavneILCentral District
295484israelBet AlfaILNorthern District
293823israelQiryat Tiv onILHaifa District
293704israelRinnatyaILCentral District
295375israelBuregetaILCentral District
294186israelMishmar DawidILCentral District
293235israelYanuvILCentral District
294385israelMagshimimILCentral District
293943israelPardes Hanna KarkurILHaifa District
293038israelZofitILCentral District
295460israelBet HananILCentral District
294502israelKefar TavorILNorthern District
8183071israelKarme YosefILCentral District
8141842israelHarishILHaifa District
295721israelAcreILNorthern District
294214israelMigdalILNorthern District
293992israelOfaqimILSouthern District
293898israelKadimaILCentral District
294757israelHofitILCentral District
295228israelEmunimILSouthern District
293963israelOrotILSouthern District
293329israelTenuvotILCentral District
293785israelRamat HaKoveshILCentral District
294092israelNehoraILSouthern District
8309973israelArsufILCentral District
295702israelAmirimILNorthern District
294581israelKarkurILHaifa District
294204israelMikhmoretILCentral District
294776israelHeverILNorthern District
294422israelLi OnILJerusalem District
294057israelNewe EfrayimILTel Aviv
294068israelNetivotILSouthern District
295104israelMafshatahILNorthern District
294951israelHadar RamatayimILCentral District
295635israelArugotILSouthern District
294498israelKefar WitqinILCentral District
294923israelHaKarmelILHaifa District
293093israelZekher DovILCentral District
295515israelBene AyishILCentral District
295079israelGan YoshiyyaILCentral District
294482israelKerem MaharalILHaifa District
293792israelRamat AvivILTel Aviv
386235israelMisgavILNorthern District
295086israelGannotILTel Aviv
294604israelKafr QasimILCentral District
294904israelnullILCentral District
293701israelRishponILCentral District
295119israelEvronILNorthern District
295475israelBet DaganILCentral District
293233israelYaqumILCentral District
293852israelQidronILCentral District
294807israelHazor AshdodILSouthern District
293538israelShefayimILCentral District
295241israelElonILNorthern District
293279israelUrimILSouthern District
8309914israelLivnimILNorthern District
293754israelRamot NaftaliILNorthern District
294109israelNahshonimILCentral District
295703israelAmirILNorthern District
293791israelRamat DawidILNorthern District
295558israelBarqayILHaifa District
294410israelMa agan MikhaelILHaifa District
293836israelQiryat HayyimILHaifa District
294782israelHerev LeetILCentral District
294809israelHazor HaGelilitILNorthern District

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